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-   Frédéric Dardenne  -

A range of exciting and exceptional tastes awaits you!
Reconnecting Man to Nature - Respecting our environment requires that we understand nature's ecosystems and wilderness.  
Nature is a gift, discover what it has to offer with our fine products, or even during our WildFoods Excursions :
For distributors, chefs and retailers make this your renowned speciality with customers
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Wild Food & Fine Products
Explore an array of wild flavours and fine products straight from local Nova Scotia... And that's not all!
Cheeses, cured meats, diverse spices, berries and more... we offer you a large range of carefully selected fine products, leaving you with an exquisite tasting experience.
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Roots & Co.
 Discover our seasonal range of produce directly from our gardens, ready to enjoy! The Roots and Co. Project stems directly from our FD Wild Foods: after observing and applying our knowledge of local ecosystems, we applied these lessons to cultivate high-quality produce, balanced with nature, without the use of pesticides or chemicals, or any intensive production practices... nature is left to do what it does best!
Nos produits
Wood & Co.
Simplicity, Beauty, Diversity - nature gives us a range of unique wood-types, and we use them to create various items (such as window-boxes, wooden presentation trays...)
We also create indoor or outdoor furniture, as well as play houses, all with a natural and enchanting touch! The wood is worked on in respectful a way enabling it to blend into any natural surrounding. Talk to us about your project - Our creative talent will give it a valuable twist, guaranteed!
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Wild Nature Eco Tours

Join one of our day-long eco-excursions and discover a diverse array of new tastes while in the Nova-Scotian wilderness! We will share our knowledge and passion for these wild foods with you so that you can use them in your own cooking at home - Impress your friends and family! 

Of course, during the excursion, you can look forward to tasting various wild foods and a meal prepared with hand-picked wild items during the excursion, for a truly authentic experience!

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